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Teacher Gift Boxes
Teacher Gift Boxes
Teacher Gift Boxes
Teacher Gift Boxes

Teacher Gift Boxes

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Teacher Gift Boxes - Now available for homeschool moms!
Available Scents:
  1. Best Teacher Ever: Candy Apple Scent
  2. Homeschool Teacher by Force: Cabernet Wine Scent
  3. Grades are due: Smells like sleepless nights and all the coffee (Coffee Bean Scent)
  4. Parent e-mails: I need a margarita to respond to this (Lime Margarita Scent)
  5. PTA Moms: The aroma of 90s Body Spray and Type A Control Tendencies (Love Spell Scent)
  6. Teacher’s pet: A whiff of apples with notes of favoritism (Fuji Apple Scent)
  7. Planning period: Smells like a mini tropical vacation, with a hint of disinfectant (Tropical Scent)
  8. Broken Crayons (mystery scent, with chunks of broken crayon melted on the top)


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